Is there an easy way to keep your house windows clean?

January 30th, 2013

More often than not I only smudge them rather than making them cleaner, I’d be very grateful for any advice/tips that you can share with myself.

Thank you very much :)

the easiest way to get your windows clean is to put plenty of vinegar in the water,the vinegar cuts through the grease and grime and using news paper to dry them leaves them smear free,also never clean the windows when the sun is shinning on them as then you cant see any smears you have left until the window has dried and the sun has gone

How do you remove BAKED ON Oven Cleaner!!???!!?

January 30th, 2013

Yes that’s right. My husband and I have a few rentals of which all have new self cleaning ovens. One of our tenants didn’t know how to clean the oven …without using oven cleaner…and sprayed the whole oven, door and everything, with oven cleaner, let it sit overnight and then ran the self cleaning cycle literally baking on all of the oven cleaner. What do I do to get it off??? I’ve scrubbed and scrubbed with a scouring pad, soap and water and even tried to re-clean it with oven cleaner and nothing is working!!! Help!

How about a paste of baking soda and rinsing with vinegar and water. Good Luck! =)

What is the grossest / most interesting thing you’ve ever encountered while cleaning a hotel room?

January 30th, 2013

This question is for cleaning ladies or any individual who works in the hotel industry.

I have never had to clean a room at a hotel. However, I have worked in hotels for years with many great housekeeping staff.

Usually the most common embarrassing items left behind, for the guest who wants it back, are adult toys and products. (We do mail them their missing items, usually free of charge, if they contact us. I am also surprised to see how many people want their item back rather than just buying a new one.)

It is not uncommon to have everything from cell phones and computers to dogs and cats left behind.

What works magic on stained tile grout?

January 30th, 2013

I am looking for something that will get this nasty grout clean without wearing my arm out?? Also, is there a certain type of brush that will help too?

bleach water tootbrush

quick cleaning ceramic tile floors?

January 30th, 2013

the house i just bought has large ceramic tile flooring in every room (2200 sq ft). what is an easy and effective cleaning method that doesn’t require me scrubbing on my hands and knees for hours each week? are there any machines that have been effective?

Yes, they are called rugs.

What cleaning products to keep a new car clean?

January 27th, 2013

There are so many cleaning products out there it’s hard to pick the ones that are really needed. Right now I use Simple Green on the interior, RainX glass cleaner on glass, and dish soap, Nu Finish, and Turtle Wax Original paste wax on the exterior using a bunch of microfiber towels. Is there anything wrong with that?

i use meguiar’s classic, but you can use any of the washes, eagle one spray on wax, armor all every 1k miles, glass cleaner for the exterior windows, dealership bought window cleaner for the inside of the windows

simple green works great, it is great for engine degreasing and cleaning up oil spills when change oil or transmission or coolant. just remember to cover the distributor, air intake (if you have) and any visible plugs (wire connections) with a plastic bag + rubberband. when you rinse off the simple green its important not to blast the water but rather "shower" it off

TIP: when waxing with microfiber, use the towels used for wax only for wax, drying for drying, and wiping for wiping. it also helps to use window towels for windows only

What is the active compound in plant food and oven cleaner?

January 27th, 2013

What is the active compound in plant food and oven cleaner?

thank you :)

The active ingredient in oven cleaner is usually NaOH , which is lye or sodium hydroxide

Plant food has three active ingredients, ammonium nitrate for nitrogen,

2)Potassium and the 3rd ingredient is Phosphorous.

My guess is the ingredient is phosphorous which they make into phosphates which is also a very good cleaner

Do I have to check out at the front desk of a hotel or just leave?

January 27th, 2013

I wanted to know when I stay at a hotel if I would have to check out at the front desk or just leave since I’m only paying for 1 night’s stay? Obviously when housekeeping comes to clean the room they’ll notice nobody is home anymore. This is assuming there is no express check-out on the television for example.

That depends on the hotel. I would check out anyway, just in case or at least give them a call and ask.

What will clean stains on cultured marble sinks and on grout best?

January 27th, 2013

Our cultured marble (cream) sinks are stained yellow/brown and I’m looking for something that will clean them. I seem to remember a contractor telling me of a product that cleans really well, but I can’t remember what it was. I’m also looking for a great grout cleaner.

We own a culture marble shop

Weimans Fiberglass Cleaner I use this for my tubs and countertops for the rust stain from water at house. It’s the best i found
some of the other stuff isn’t bad check out their site

looking for a good grout cleaner also

How can I repair a scratch on ceramic tile made with a carbide drill bit?

January 27th, 2013

While doing some bathroom renovations, I scratched my ceramic tile with the carbide drill bit I was using to drill through it. What can I do to remove the scratch? I’ve already tried acetone, rubbing alcohol, abrasive bleach cleaner (Comet), and numerous rags, pads, toothbrushes, etc. Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated.

Your best off to just replace the tile all together. A carbide bit scratch is deeper than you can repair. If you get a carbide grout cutter for a moto tool, just scribe out the grout around the tile, then whack it with a hammer, use a putty knife to clean the glue out and then butter up a new tile and re set it. Grout with care around the adjoining tiles to keep the color matching., Masking tape works if your worried.