quick cleaning ceramic tile floors?

the house i just bought has large ceramic tile flooring in every room (2200 sq ft). what is an easy and effective cleaning method that doesn’t require me scrubbing on my hands and knees for hours each week? are there any machines that have been effective?

Yes, they are called rugs.

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  1. orderlylogic Says:

    Yes, they are called rugs.
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  2. lynda l Says:

    had the same problem and got a Hoover Floormate which clean and dry your floor without leaving any residue and comes up clean and it’s good for ceramic or wooden floors.
    had it for 4 yrs now and love it.

    This machine is very light and easy to clean up. And no more sore knees and waiting for the floor to dry.
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    check their different models available at http://www.hoover.com

  3. mshonnie Says:

    This cleaner cleans fast and easy and is no rinse Make This All-Purpose Cleaner

    An economical, non-rinse cleaner can be made by mixing the following ingredients.

    1/4 cup Dish soap
    2 cups Vinegar
    1 cup Lemon juice
    1 to 2 cups Water

    Great for cleaning, floors, bathrooms, walls, etc.

    Good Luck !
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  4. emgeealex Says:

    Mop with ammonia solution. Dry with an old bath towel.
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