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How do you take these windows down?

Tuesday, February 5th, 2013

I’m in New England and have Anderson windows from about ‘78. They’re single pane windows that need cleaning and maintenance (recaulking) on the outside but in the back of the house, some are three-stories high! I want to take them in from the inside but can’t seem to figure out if I can -

The only part of the window that I think might have something to do with it are these things on the bottom of the window itself. It looks like a thimble (like a little plastic cup upside down) pushed into the frame of the panes, flush with the wood, on both sides of the bottom. HELP!!

i’ll assume that you mean that the glass needs to be re puttied to the sash. because that is the only reason that you’d need to take them out of their frames. in order to take a sash out of the frame on older windows you will need to remove the window stops on either side. it will look like small floor or window trim and hold the sash against the parting bead. the stops will either be nailed or screwed to the sides of the frame. if you do not see any screws holding the stops to the frame, you will need a small stiff putty knife or small flat pry bar. you can get either at your local hardware store, so do not use a large pry bar. if your window trim is stained, you will see where to insert the pry bar next to the window trim. if your window trim is painted, you may have to cut the paint between the trim and the stops. once you have removed the side stops, you will be able to lift the sash and bring one side of the window in and remove the sash cord. slowly let the cord up so that it doesn’t snap back into the balance or jamb the weight in the sash pocket. next, remove the cord from the other side after you pull the sash away from the frame. to remove the upper sash from the frame, you will need to remove one of the parting beads from the side of the frame. a word of caution, they may be held in place by some very small nails and or paint. first, lower the upper sash all the way down to the sill. next take a pair of pliers and grip the parting bead up near the top, and rock it gently back and forth as you try to tip it in away from the frame. move down to the middle and grip and wiggle it here,too. go back up to the top and work it completely free from the frame, then get the middle free, too. once the top and middle are free, you should be able to move the bead all the way across the window opening and remove it. you only have to do one side. raise the upper sash, then twist it in and remove the sash cord as before, the remove the other side, too. installation is the oposite of the removal. as far as cleaning the windows goes, there is a pattern to do it without removing the sashes, do the top 1/2 of the outside of each sash with the sashes lowered, then the bottom 1/2 with the sashes raised. to see all of this a little more clearly, you may want to check your local library for a book on home repair. if you want a book that is the best there is on windows you may want to get;Working Windows, by Terence Meany. the publisher was The Lyons Press, and the ISBN# 1-55821-707-X published in 1998, for $14.95. this book will cover any and all that you will need to fix any window. good luck, hope this helps.

What type of tools and tips can you offer when detailing a car?

Saturday, February 2nd, 2013

I am just getting into detailing, I’m curious what some of the tools of the trade are and if anyone can give me some tips? Maybe perfered products or appilcations?

Also what is the best to use on windows? I keep getting streaks! Microfiber clothes seemt o leave a small amount behind, do I use that when cleaning windows?

use wurth window cleaner , yu can buy it online , use some of them brown paper towels that are in those hand drying things like in walmarts or any restaurant also white will work good too they come in rolls , yu can buy them at an janitorial supply company a case like 40 bucks , , they work wonders cleaning windows ,sometimes you haft to clean them windows twice ,the buffing part takes trial and error to learn , 409 works good to get dirt off inside of car , forget about armour all , hope this helps ,

Is there an easy way to keep your house windows clean?

Wednesday, January 30th, 2013

More often than not I only smudge them rather than making them cleaner, I’d be very grateful for any advice/tips that you can share with myself.

Thank you very much :)

the easiest way to get your windows clean is to put plenty of vinegar in the water,the vinegar cuts through the grease and grime and using news paper to dry them leaves them smear free,also never clean the windows when the sun is shinning on them as then you cant see any smears you have left until the window has dried and the sun has gone

What cleaning products to keep a new car clean?

Sunday, January 27th, 2013

There are so many cleaning products out there it’s hard to pick the ones that are really needed. Right now I use Simple Green on the interior, RainX glass cleaner on glass, and dish soap, Nu Finish, and Turtle Wax Original paste wax on the exterior using a bunch of microfiber towels. Is there anything wrong with that?

i use meguiar’s classic, but you can use any of the washes, eagle one spray on wax, armor all every 1k miles, glass cleaner for the exterior windows, dealership bought window cleaner for the inside of the windows

simple green works great, it is great for engine degreasing and cleaning up oil spills when change oil or transmission or coolant. just remember to cover the distributor, air intake (if you have) and any visible plugs (wire connections) with a plastic bag + rubberband. when you rinse off the simple green its important not to blast the water but rather "shower" it off

TIP: when waxing with microfiber, use the towels used for wax only for wax, drying for drying, and wiping for wiping. it also helps to use window towels for windows only

Cleaning tips please for the outside of my house?

Thursday, January 24th, 2013

This time every year the outside of my house gets overtaken with cobwebs, dust and debris… I have stucco and it’s a really messy job if you do not know what you’re doing. Stucco is also sensitive to hard levels of water pressure and certain brushes. And so, every year I pay someone good money to clean it off… Is there an alternative cost effective solution?

My home has some stucco on the sides and if you don’t buy a variable controlled pressure washer you can use the Windex or Clorox hose attached cleaners which work pretty well. The only thing about them is that they say you can clean the windows with them and I’ve found they really both leave streaks.

How can you get rid of the soot and smell after a fire?

Monday, January 21st, 2013

I need clean items up after a recent fire and, wow, that soot is really hard to get off. It clings like glue to my items and the soot smell in my fabrics is really bad. any cleaning or cleaning product tips?

Maybe too expensive, but when I had a fire, I hired a company called "Serve Pro", and they came into the house and cleaned it all. The smell is in everything, the walls, the ceiling, every flat surface, everywhere.

They sent all my clothes to the dry cleaners, everything, including cotton under ware, (so cute seeing my whitie tighties on separate little hangers).

DIY, maybe use Borax in the wash for clothes and a vinegar/water solution to wipe down everything.

Good luck.

EDIT: I just have to add to this after returning and seeing the answer Judy gave, everything she says is very good, except watch out for ammonia and bleach, many detergents have bleach in them and since it is winter the windows may be shut and you may get a build up of ammonia-chloride, VERY deadly.

Can I get some house cleaning tips please?

Tuesday, January 15th, 2013

I would appreciate any and all tips that I can get for house cleaning…*BUT* with one little twist. I am in a wheelchair. Can anybody help now?

First of all I would like to mention that you can get an aide in to help a few times a week or more. Ask your doctor. I have had help in the past due to my disabilities.
I suggest you get a reacher too. It is a long bar that you can pick things up with if they are out of reach.
For cleaning the tub, get a new broom and use that. Put your cleaning stuff in the tub, wet the broom and scrub away.
For making the bed, Get sheets with snaps at the end so this way they do not come undone at the foot. Makes the bed making alot easier. You may want to just pin or sew the corners to do so.
Dishes are a pain so I suggest you get a chair that is high enough to reach the sink if this is feasable.
Get a very lightweight vacuum to use.
For dusting get one of those long wand dusters and an extension. I had to buy a window washer with a long extension but luckily it was the same fitting and attached well to the duster.
Get a cart (the kind with two wheels) and put all your cleaning items in there. Makes it a lot handier to have them all together and can take the cleaning cart out when needed.
This site has an article to make it easier for the arthretic too but I think you may find some good ideas on there.

This site has a bunch of resources as well that may help with getting the job done.

I have included a site for people with arthristis as it has a lot of useful things on it that may help you from the reacher to jar opening items and other stuff. I have been searching for ideas on the internet for you but so far have turned up nothing specifically for making your job easier but I know it has to be out there somewhere. If I find one I will add more to this. I hope some of this will help you.
Be sure to do one room at a time as this will be far less overwhelming. Feel free to take breaks and do not let the small stuff get to you.

CLEANING: how often do u clean?what all do u have to do(how big is ur house)and how often do u do the bathroom

Saturday, January 12th, 2013

k so 1)) how many hours a week do u think u clean?
2))how big is ur house?
3))how often do u clean the bathroom((like FULLY clean it?)
4)) and what r ur organization,cleaning tips for keeping ur house looking and SMELLING great?

thanks for ur time
answers to any of the questions would be GREAT!

first off, i should let you know that i am a stay at home mom with my 3yr old daughter. my bf and i are currently remodeling our house so everything is always getting dirty again.

1. i pick-up-clean the entire house everyday for about 1hr. then, each day, i deep clean certain rooms such as, mop floors, clean bedding, wash windows, polish all furinture. i usually do bedrooms one day, living and dining room one, day, kitchen one day, laundry and family room the next, and 3 bathrooms the other day. the deep cleaning usually takes about 1 hour. on the weekends, i try sweep and hose off the patios and clean the outdoor lawn tables and chairs.
2. our house is 3bedrooms, 3 baths, living, dining, kitchen, familyroom, and laundry. i think it is about 2300 sq feet.
3. the baths get fully cleaned once a week, like scrubbed tubs, toilets, floors mirrors cleaned. but throughout the week, i will spot clean the sinks or toilet if someone leaves goobers.
4. one of the things i have learned to do is keep the proper cleaning tools in each bathroom under the sink so i don’t have to carry my stuff throughout the house. each bath has own toilet cleaner stuff, mopping pads, windex, paper towels, etc. i also like to leave the disposable clorox wipes in the bath for the really quick cleanings like toothpaste in sink or a dribble on the toilet. i’ve noticed my bf will occassionally use one twoo so that’s a major benefit. and each bedroom has the proper pledge wipes or cleaner in the closet. it makes life so much easier.
i do laundry EVERY day. it really helps make the house smell fresher i think. and i like to febreeze the drapes. we recently adopted grandma’s dog and i am freaking out because i am noticing a faint dog smell when i come in and that is one pet-peeve of mine, so i went to walmart today and pet every pet perfume, air neutralizer and carpet sprinkle i could find!! haha…. i guess i’m ocd!

and i mow all the yards and take care of bf’s payroll, renting, and real estate bills and business. but i am home all day w/my daughter and don’t have to go to 9-5 job so it’s totally worth all the hard work.

hope i answered all your questions!! (i’m grateful someone will listen to my daily efforts because my bf thinks it should be cakewalk)

and i have to agree with stephanie t, trashe from everyroom needs to be collected daily and taken out. you never know what you’ll find in my daughter’s trash….banana peels (even though she isn’t allowed to eat in room) sippy cups…some of last nights supper. as for vaccuuming, i do it everyday and i mop the kitchen everyday with the swiffer stuff, but on kitchen day, i get on my hands and knees and do it the right way. the swiffer really just keeps it from getting out of control.

who else is looking forward to christmas tips at christmas?

Wednesday, January 9th, 2013

what kind of job have u got?

ime a window cleaner and expect to make at least £500 bonus in december.

Good on you, I am sure it is well deserved. In my case, no tips as I am full time in uni graduate studies at the mo.

That Cheeky Lad

Tips on how to make old computer run smooth and fast?

Sunday, January 6th, 2013

I have an old computer with Windows XP.
Any tips on how to keep it running smooth and fast?

1) Use Disk Cleaner in Windows and defrag the drive

2) Remove all non-essential programs from start up

3) Uninstall programs not used in 6 month or more

4) Manually clean out any non-essential items from Home folder

5) Copy anything from Home Folder that MAY be needed to external drive or dvd/cd and then delete items copies.

6) If none of the above works, consider adding more RAM if possible. This will depend on whether the system is capable of handling more RAM. To determine if possible, read system specs for limitations of adding RAM.