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List of light housekeeping duties for an elderly caregiver?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

I am attempting to make a list of things that are considered LIGHT housekeeping duties. It is for an elderly caregiver in a home setting, not a facility. I have the basics- vacuuming, dusting, tidying up, etc. in research, some articles also consider washing interior and exterior windows to be light housekeeping, as well as organizing cupboards and closets. I would have considered that heavier cleaning myself, so I would like opinions. What do you consider to be light housekeeping duties for an elderly caregiver?

I would consider the things I do during my work week as light housekeeping–just the stuff that HAS to be done between work and sleep. Things like washing any dishes in the sink, wiping down the top of the stove, dusting, sweeping (if there’s obvious stuff on the floors), vacuuming (again, if there is a need for it–usually I do that on weekends when I can take a break as needed), sanitizing and wiping the bathroom sink/vanity top and mirror, sanitizing/cleaning the kitchen sink. We leave our dishes in the dishrack on the counter to dry (and we don’t put them away since they are always in use) but some people like their dishes put into the cupboards. Wiping down the phone. Picking up the mail. Tidying up the beds. Picking up any clothing lying around and either putting them in the hamper or putting them wherever they belong (and yelling at whomever is leaving their clothing lying around). I consider window washing (inside) as a "when hell freezes over" duty and the outsides only get done if we hire someone with insurance because it entails a ladder. If there’s a washer and dryer in the home, you can ask that some wash loads be done. But since I am a senior, I know I have problems doing anything for extended periods of time, like vacuuming or mopping or sweeping, since my back begins to ache after a few minutes. And in our house, things like organizing shelves/cabinets/closets are major projects that we set aside vacation days to do (if they get done at all) because you first have to remove everything which is going to take forever. If the bathroom is smallish, cleaning the floor would be ok as long as it’s just mop washing (not down-on-your-knees scrubbing). Even dusting will have to be defined since there’s the "I want every single surface, no matter how high it is, and all the books and all the pictures and all the knickknacks all dusted" and there’s the "just dust the table tops and bureaus."

Best way to clean ceramic tile after installation?

Thursday, October 11th, 2012

Hi…I just got done grouting my tile last night and buffed it this morning. 3 sponge washes have been done (final one was clean water) and I just want to know what to clean it with once I get home if a cloud still exists. I’ve heard cleaners leave residue and water/vinegar or water/alcohol works. Any help is appreciated. Thx!

a light film will develop after washing off the grout, if it is a very heavy film and a lot of grout remains wash it again. once this dries just use a dry towel to buff off any remaining haze. if the grout or haze is left on the face of the tile too long it will be difficult to remove and a mild muriatic acid and water solution may be used.

How much do you pay for your home cleaning service?

Wednesday, October 3rd, 2012

My house is 3 br, 2 bath, 1100 sq ft and I have one child. How much do you pay for your housekeeping service and how often is your home cleaned?

Go with private people who do this service and stay away from Cleaning Companies. They are over priced and most of them do terrible work. I used to clean on the side for 10yrs. The rates depending on your area can range from $10-20/hr. Start asking co-workers, friends, etc. You may also try Craigslist I have listed my services on there many times.