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How to clean my ceramic tile floor?

Monday, September 24th, 2012

I’ve tried a small drop of dishshoap and water, and I’ve tried pinesol and water… But every time I mop with that, it suds and leaves a film on my floor! What can I use that won’t leave that film?

For damp mopping, I just dump about 1/2 cup of distilled vinegar into a half full mop bucket. It cleans very well with no residue. When the floor is really dirty or the grout is discolored, my steam mop comes out.

Need help for grout cleaning?

Tuesday, September 11th, 2012

Grout lines of my floor are facing excessive dirt which are not getting removed even after floor cleaning. How can i clean it?

An option if none of the cleaning methods are working is getting the grout professional re-colored and sealed. We’ve done that and they come up great. You can also get DIY kits online or in hardware stores to seal and recolor the grout yourself. This stops the grout being so porous and absorbing water/dirt etc. Then it just becomes a matter of wiping off any dirt. No need to scrub.

Cost wise, we paid only around $150 for a professional to do our bathroom.