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I’ve got a cleaning job. Tips on how to clean?

Thursday, August 23rd, 2012

Well, I’ve been given this cleaning job. Going around to houses with a team of people and cleaning the houses. I have to clean the windows and broom outside and do a bit of dusting. I’ve done cleaning before, but not an expert. Any tips?

-Make sure you have an old toothbrush in your possession. Gets in all the hard-to-reach places.

-I prefer vinegar to clean glass, with newspaper. Prevents streaks.

-If your company gives you chemicals, really know their purposes and dos and do nots.

-Always wash the walls. They are often so ignored. Poor walls.

-After wiping something down, like a counter, buff with dry clean cloth.

What type of Cleaning Chemical that can cause Fire in an Hotel?

Saturday, August 18th, 2012

I mean the Housekeeping Department uses different kinds of chemical in the hotel to clean the entire room the question is what type of chemical that can cause a big fire in an HOTEL?? that is dangerous

any of the ones that contain oil? but they are safe because they are suppost to lay on the surface of the furniture so I think it’s safe

Starting window cleaning/power washing business.?

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

Im starting a window cleaning/power washing business. I do not have much money to start with, but I’d look into a business loan if it was a better choice for success. I am aware that there are probably 100’s of people trying the same thing that I am in this economy, but I have my first son on his way. =) My fiance is half way through pregnancy, and I fully intend on making this happen. Im just wondering if somebody can give me a few tips on what kind of marketing works best for this type of industry..

And if I can get advice on the subject of starting off really small (myself and a toolbelt) or getting a small business loan to help ensure my success by having a couple teams of employees and to pay for better marketing. Thank you SO much in advance!!

If you have limited funds, put together a flier and start knocking on doors. You can hit every business in a small town in a day.

Be sincere and talk to the owner. Give one of your first businesses a good deal and blow them away with their results – and then start using them as a reference. You will hear "No" a lot more than you will hear "yes" – don’t let it get you down. Keep plugging away.

Work harder than the next guy and you’ll probably do better than him….

A business loan is probably a longshot until you have established results with the business.

Good luck.

I need to move to monterrey mexico . I am an american. Are there jobs there in housekeeping,cleaning ETC .?

Sunday, August 5th, 2012

My husband is mexican but he is in jail there so i need to move there a.s.a.p. but when i get there i need to work.

No. You simply cannot work in unskilled work in Mexico…and it pays dirt anyway. the only way to get a work visa in Mexico is to be highly skilled in a profession and find an employer to sponsor your work visa. he must state that he cannot find a Mexican citizen for the job he is hiring you for…that means you need at least a masters degree. there is no way you can work in Mexico and you could not support yourself anyway,.

Can you clean your non self cleaning oven by turning it on 500 degrees for a couple of hours?

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

I had heard from someone that the way they cleaned their non self-cleaning oven was by turning it on 500 degrees for a couple of hours so it would mock a self-cleaning oven. Does anyone know if this will work?

No, it will not get hot enough to clean it. The temp while in the self-clean mode is in excess of 900F. 500F may smoke more than 375F but it isn’t "cleaning."