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How do I manually clean a self cleaning oven?

Monday, July 30th, 2012

Last night I cooked chicken and when I went to remove it from the oven I accidentally spilled some grease all over the place. I set the oven to self clean mode for 3 hours. This morning when I checked it, the oven is WORSE than it was before. The fumes just about killed us so I really do not want to go through that process again. What is safe to use as cleaner on a self cleaning electric oven? Also need recommendations for door cleaning on the oven as well (glass part)


hello amber : yes you really can clean a self cleaning oven. here’s a helpful hint before we start. place a piece of aluminum foil underneath your cooking item to catch your spills. it really does work. if the inside of the oven is smooth, then you can clean your oven just as you would a regular oven. 1. wipe out the oven taking as much off as possible to begin with, especially if you have spilled something. 2. remove the shelfs. 3. spray the oven with easy off and let stand the required time. 4. wipe down inside of oven removing all of the stains. 5. if they all don’t come off, you can use zero grade steel wool, it’s great for taking off those troubled areas, and it will not scratch the inside of your oven. you can use zero grade on your burner drip pans to your stove top also. 6. for the glass on the door, use hot water and a razor blade scraper if there is built up or hardened grease spots. be sure that the glass is wet when you use your blade it works best when wet. 7. wipe down the entire area with clean water and dry if necessary. 8. clean your shelfs and return them to the oven. you can use the zero grade on these also if necessary. your done. now that wasn’t too bad was it? best of luck richard

What are some good books about sustainable housekeeping?

Sunday, July 22nd, 2012

I’m looking for good books about how to clean a house, and do other household chores as naturally as possible (like line drying clothes, and cleaning with vinegar). I know lots of tips can be found on the internet, but I’d like an actual book.

hire a housewife to teach you on kijiji

What is a Oven Cleaning Stone called?

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

I used to work for a cleaning company and we used a black non-abrasive stone to clean those hard-to-clean ovens. I have been trying forever to remember the name/brand of this cleaning product and can not find it anywhere. Does anyone know what that stone is called?

Pumice stone

What are the worst housekeeping, cleaning-wise, offenses? When you go to someone’s house and go OMG?

Thursday, July 19th, 2012

I have about half an hour to clean before company will be here. It needs a good general cleaning – It’s not bad but since I can’t get everything perfect in a half-hour, what would you focus on if you were me? I guess load the dishwasher and then do the bathroom……

What are the things that most gross you out?

Most important when I visit someone or have company:

toilet seat.
Kitchen counters

Oh, and make sure your dirty underwear are put somewhere! LOL

Good luck!