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What do professional Oven Cleaning companies use to clean the ovens?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

I’m thinking of starting a business for oven cleaning, but what do they use to clean ovens quickly? And how long on average can a typical oven clean take for a single oven?

Heres an idea, get a professional cleaner in to do your oven if you can afford and watch what they do.
Also I good a tip from an oven cleaning company when they couldnt come and do a job on a rental – use napisan to clean oven racks. My friend found some oven racks from dumped stoves at council pick ups to replace the missing one from their oven. They were absolutely caked and thick with baked on grease food and even dust. What on earth were they thinking putting into their own oven. The tip – use boiling water (not just hot from tap), I boiled several stock pots and kettle for quantity. Put in laundry trough and use NAPISAN. I wasnt given the quantity so was generous, used two and a half lid fulls! due to the urgency of the clean. Just covered the racks with the boiling water – be careful not to burn yourself. I used tongs to lift the racks and pull the sink plug. WOW before my eyes the grease and muk started falling off. Water too hot so took a long handled scrub brush to push off rest of muck, came off easily. With tooks pulled plugs and rinsed racks in cold water. So edge much I used a steelo soap pad but not really necessary. Because of where they came from (unknown) I repeated the process but left soaking overnight. It bit more came off. I rinsed clean in cold water. The racks were sparkling clean, better than new. I just have to tell everyone the result was so good. I dont know what works for the rest of the oven though, especially baked on cooking oil on bottom of oven. I dont think mine is a self cleaning oven, it is a chef gas cooker.
Hope this helps

How do I get a job in hotel housekeeping? Thanks?

Wednesday, March 28th, 2012

Okay! I really need a job because I crashed my car and need to pay off some fines. So how the hell do I get a job in hotel housekeeping? I went to a few hotels yesterday and asked for some applications. How do I get a job in this hotel housekeeping crap? I like cleaning so thats not a factor. help please thanks

Make a CV including your grades, previous work and why you would be good at the job (like don’t mind cleaning etc and running around after people)
Go to a hotel and ask them to check it (or send it by post)
google for local jobs as a housekeeper.
Why limit yourself to hotels? Why not be a personal house cleaner for someone with lots of money, as long as you don’t steal their possessions/money and make their house look nice, they should pay you very good money.