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What’s the best way to clean tile and grout short of a professional cleaning?

Wednesday, August 31st, 2011

I’ve tried the Steam Shark, every Swiffer they make and they almost seem to make it worse!? Is there a cleaning agent or some other way to get it clean?

Get some knee pads or a towel with a bucket of soapy water with a scrub brush and go to town! I do this to my tile and grout regularly. I have a swiffer and a tile scrubbing machine but nothing works as well as getting down on your and hands and knees. PS: If you have a lot of tile like I do, do it in sections so you don’t wear your arm out!

How much do most people get for house cleaning and babysitting?

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

So I babysit a 8 month year old baby and also help with laundry and cleaning up the house sometimes. How much should I get paid (an hour)?

How much do people get paid for just housekeeping (an hour)?
7 dollars I didn’t ask for sweatshop wage!

maybe 7 dollars an hour

cleaning ceramic tiles of dirty water spots?

Sunday, August 7th, 2011

After showering, the ceramic tiles have a water droplet mark left and after cleaning with bathroom cleaner it doesn’t get rid of the stain because once dry they are still there but not as much. My question is has anyone got any home recipes to bring the tiles back to there original shine and remove these water deposits once and for all.

You might try pouring plain vinegar on the floor and letting it set for awhile,
then lightly scrub the area with a nylon brush~
if that helps, once it’s dry you could seal the floor with a good quality ceramic tile sealer
~ to clean my shower I like using Kaboom,
in the past I used to use Lime Away to remove water deposits.
good luck!

p.s. if that doesn’t work you could replace those tiles with newer ones? yikes!!

EDIT: I just realized they are your wall tiles… I’d still try the Lime Away or Kaboom and or saturate a rag and whip the walls down with the vinegar~ just don’t mix the chemicals,,,or your lungs will give out!

Error Killer as a Registry Cleaning Solution

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Error Killer software is projected to correct Window Shutdown Error Messages and help the computer salvage its potency to perform better. Every solitary computer has a registry that contains very important data related to Windows. Rather you have an old or a new computer, they all eventually create errors that cause a major headache. These so called pains decelerate the computers startup time. The crooked files as well as additional files can be taken care of with this registry cleaner. After unwanted entries and extra files are removed from the windows registry, the rapidity of the machine will dramatically improve.

This stupendous registry cleaner is well known for the talent of scanning the registry and finding information on documentations and items that are not needed in the registry and displays a list of these files. It is astonishing how many files are found that are un-called for which is making the system slow. 

Regclean registry cleaner can detect dilemmas that may be creating troubles in accessing software from the desktop. It’s unattainable to propel the computer into full swing if the registry is corrupted with errors.

The backup is a resource of regaining information at a later time that might have been deleted by any mishap. To prevent the windows registry from accumulating a zillion error messages and running sluggishly, it’s prudent to do intermittent scanning of the registry. This is where Error Killer comes into play for it can increase the performance of the system.

There is no need to have a professional come to your rescue when all you need is Error Killer registry cleaner and its qualifications are excellent for fixing all the problems that exist in the window registry. This is an exciting program to give the computer a swift jolt in the right direction to improve its performance.

Azam Mehraj

Childproofing your Home

Saturday, August 6th, 2011

Having babies and small children in your home means life, fun, noise and safety, safety, safety. Normal, everyday items can be dangerous and even life-threatening to them, so you’ll want to make any necessary changes to your living environment to ensure the safety of your little ones. From room-to-room there are different adjustments to be made. Here are a few tips to get you started:

The Nursery / Child’s Room

1. Use a baby monitor to track Baby’s activities while you’re in another room.

2. Wrap curtain cords and Venetian blind cords and put them out of reach as they can pose a strangulation hazard.

3. Use a changing table with high sides and a safety trap. Never leave Baby alone on the table.

4. Cover all unused electrical outlets with clear, plastic covers.

5. Check toys for sharp edges and detachable pieces that could be a choking hazard.

The Kitchen

1. While preparing food, keep babies and toddlers in a playpen within your sight, but far from the oven and hot foods.

2. Keep electrical appliances out-of-reach.

3. Keep sharp knives locked up or out-of-reach.

4. Put childproof latches on kitchen cabinets.

5. Keep plastic bags and plastic wrap out of children’s’ reach.

6. Don’t heat baby bottles or formula in the microwave as the center of the liquid can be scalding while other parts are cool to the touch.

7. Remove tablecloths as children can pull the cloth and get hurt by objects that fall off of the table.

8. Store cleaning products in a locked cabinet or out of children’s’ reach.

9. Keep a tight lid on your trash can to keep little hands from finding sharp objects or other potentially harmful items.

10. Keep your dishwasher latched when not in use.

11. Keep a fire extinguisher on hand.

12. Make sure your smoke extinguishers are in good working order.

Living Areas

1. Cover all electrical outlets with clear, plastic childproof covers.

2. Use childproof screens around your heaters, fireplaces and woodstoves.

3. Place safety gates at the top and bottom of stairs.

4. Cover trash containers securely.

5. Keep drapes, curtain cords and Venetian blind cords out-of-reach.

6. Don’t use paint that contains mercury or lead as chipped paint could tempt little ones to taste this poisonous material.

7. Keep ash trays with ashes out of children’s’ reach.

8. Keep household plants out-of-reach to avoid babies and children grabbing and eating potentially poisonous leaves.

9. Make sure that carpets and rugs have non-skid backing.

The Bathroom

1. Keep medications, cleansers, toiletries, razor blades and other hazardous items out-of-reach in locked cabinets.

2. Use non-slip mats in tub and shower areas.

3. Bathe young children and babies in water that feels warm, not hot.

4. Always supervise children under six in the bathtub.

5. Keep electrical appliances away from water sources and out-of-reach.

6. Put toilet lid locks on all toilets if you have a child under three.

7. Set your hot water heater below 120 degrees Fahrenheit to help prevent scalding.

8. Keep bathroom doors closed.

Jacqueline Courtiol’s-issues-articles/childproofing-your-home-88204.html

If you worked in housekeeping and you were cleaning a hotel room and you found a dead body do you call 911?

Wednesday, August 3rd, 2011

Are you supposed to call the sheriff dispatch number or 911? I’d dial 911 but wouldn’t wanna get yelled at by the operator.

Finding a dead person is an emergency, therefore you would call 911. Dealing with cases like these is the operators job so he or she will not yell. Immediately after calling tell the hotel manager. MANAGER, not just some secretary.