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cleaning grout with oil of clove?

Thursday, July 28th, 2011

I renovated our house and have white/beige tiles with vanilla colored grout. Im not sure if the tiler didnt seal the floors once he was done. The grout collects so much dirt and no matter how much i clean my floors i feel as though it never looks as clean as it it. I have been put onto Oil of Clove to remove the dirt. Can anyone tell me if its worth my time and if so what is the ratio of oil to water, and any handy hints to get it CLEAN.

no. remove light colored grout, replace with darker color. a light colored grout on a floor is stupid.

Do it yourself Truck Interior Cleaning

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

Listed below are do it yourself cleaning steps for your truck’s interior to save the cost of a professional detailer.

  • The first thing to do is to remove all those items accumulated on/in the dashboard, in compartments and pockets.
  • Then, remove the truck floor mats and shake them thoroughly to remove dust and debris. When finished, give the mats a final shake to remove any remaining debris. After vacuuming the floor mat, you can know return them to the car. Make sure it is well cleaned Floor mats can easily accumulate dirt that can cause allergies.
  • Vacuum will give the biggest help in cleaning the interior of your truck. Using the hose attachment, vacuum the floor, including the area beneath the seats. Check beneath seats for coins and trash before vacuuming. Be sure to vacuum the bottom and back of the seats. Spread some baking soda on the carpet when you vacuum your car. Let it sit for an hour or so, and then vacuum it. Vacuum the seats first, then the floorboards. Then proceed with the seat cushions, the crevices where cushions meet, the bottom and back of the seats.
  • To remove stains from fabric seat cushions or carpets, use a damp towel. A small amount of carpet shampoo will take care of stubborn stains. Work the carpet shampoo into a light lather. Sponge away the shampoo with a damp sponge and allow to air dry. Don’t use carpet shampoo on leather.
  • Clean all the windows using a window cleaner. A newspaper and a paper towel can also be a cleaner. But for tinted windows, a newspaper and a paper towel are not helpful since they might destroy the tint.
  • With the use of vacuum again, remove debris from the dashboard and doors. Wiping them using a clean cloth can also help. Gently do this, making sure the paint will not be destroyed.
  • Spray a small amount of non abrasive cleaner on a towel or rag and gently wipe the dashboard, door handles and all vinyl parts. Allow to air dry.

It is also important to remember the following:

  • Don’t use a glossy finish item on the dashboard of your car. It will cause a glare on the windshield and make it hard to see in bright sunlight.
  • Car interior and vinyl protectants are made to protect against sun damage and cracking. Read carefully the instructions before use.


Microwaves Waves Are Used For Cooking

Sunday, July 24th, 2011

The microwave is the most user friendly machine in the kitchen that has been invented. Using a microwave helps to dispense the need to use other kitchen aids which most of us would not have even bothered to use. The microwave does the functions of most of these other kitchen tools. For more help visit to: you will find in many homes is that the microwave is being used to defrost cold meat straight from the freezer or to warm up coffee or to merely pop corn. Most people fail to realize that a microwave has more uses than this.
Now that you have decided to try your hand at microwave cooking it is better that you are knowledgeable about microwave ovens. Not all microwave ovens are made the same. Each has a different wattage and their quality also differs. The microwaves which come cheap and are available at discount stores will not be of much help when it comes to heavy cooking like preparing full meals for the family. They can instead be used to make simple side dishes which can be also exotic. Any microwave that gets your Thanksgiving turkey turned out in the perfect brown color is considered perfect.
Microwave cooking is not for the faint hearted who are afraid to experiment and who are not ready to make mistakes while cooking. Here in microwave cooking though it is partly science where microwaves waves are used for cooking, it is also a great way to learn to cook. You can check out on the many recipes that are available on the internet. This will help you to determine how much time and what wattage are needed to be used to make the different meals. For more help visit to: you take up microwave cooking you should be prepared to learn from through the trail and error method to turn out the perfect dish. But if you use the recipe book which is provided with the microwave oven then you can turn out perfect dishes using the recipes in it.
People who have been using the microwave have discovered that it is the most ideal way to cook meals especially for large families as it helps save on expenses. The time taken to cook for a single person would be same as that for a large family. College student can easily prepare simple nutritious dishes using the microwave and thus save on expenses of eating outside.
Microwave cooking also entails that you will have far less spills to clean up after you finish your cooking. This is possible by using plates that can be removed and dish washed or by having the food covered so that nothing gets spilled while cooking is going on. No more cleaning all the mess on stove tops.
Microwave cooking is very popular among people today and proof of this can be found from the many accessories that are available in the stores these days. If you pay a visit to any store selling kitchen accessories, you will find that there are trays for baking bacon and for making omelets too. This many products have microwave cooking all simpler.
If you have been using your microwave only to melt butter or to warm up pizzas then be assured that you have failed to utilize your microwave fully. Start looking up recipes in the internet that will help you to turn out exquisite dishes that will baffle your family and friends. They will be praising your cooking skills thinking how much time you would have spent toiling on hot kitchen stoves when you would have hardly spent just checking on your dishes being cooked in your microwave.

Gaurav Malik

what is the difference between steam and chemical grout/tile cleaning? which is best?

Friday, July 22nd, 2011

we are going to use a professional company to clean bathroom tile. Some use chemical cleaning, others steam cleaning. What are the advantages/disadvantages of each method?

Chemical cleaners are harsh and environmentally unfriendly. Steam is completely non-toxic and cleans better than chemicals without damage to the grout. And for what you’re going to spend to have someone else clean your grout for you, you can purchase a good general purpose steam cleaner such as the SteamFast FS275 and clean it yourself. The FS275 is a great starter steamer to introduce you to the world of steam cleaning and sanitization. It’s inexpensive, yet works extremely well on all types of surfaces and cleaning projects.

To the poster who experienced grout damage, it wasn’t caused by the steam, the grout had already failed before it was cleaned. Grout failure happens, regardless of the cleaning method used. – 25 years in the remodeling industry.

Water Damage Illinois Procedures for Good Carpet Cleaning

Monday, July 11th, 2011

There are many steps you can take to properly clean a carpet due to water damage Illinois or if you just need your carpet cleaned.  You should take good care of your carpet because it is the most high traffic area in your home.

Before water damage Illinois cleanup occurs in a carpet you first must evaluate the soil conditions.  It is important to know exactly how much water is in the carpets before you begin the extraction process.  You need to know the type of damage.  Is the water clean water in the carpet or does it contain dangerous toxins?  This is very important.

There are specifically designed rakes for piloting the carpet.  This helps loosen the matted carpet fibers to allow for better soil removal.  All of the furniture needs to be removed out of the way of the soiled areas that are flooded.  Use a special vacuum to pull as much water from the carpet as possible.  This includes the edges and the corners of the carpet.

If the water in the carpet is contaminated or soiled with something causing a stain in the carpet then the water damage Illinois may require pre-treating.  You will need a solution to treat the carpet with prior to extracting the water out of the carpet.

After you have extracted contaminated water out of your carpet you should rinse the carpet and extract it again.  This will help ensure the carpet is entirely clean.  The dry method will require humidifiers in the home and fans.  You should keep the windows open in the house so the moisture is not trapped inside.  Drying the carpet as quickly as possible is very important.

There is a proper way to clean your carpeting if you have water damage Illinois occur.  If you do not have the proper equipment for extraction or the flooding is too bad you should hire a company to do the clean up for you.  This will ensure the clean up effort is done right and that you don’t have to worry about problems with mold.

Leo Nov

How to Invitingly Accessorize Your Home

Monday, July 11th, 2011

Popular Home Collections is a family-owned business that was established in 1995.  Specializing in high quality bathroom accessories, bedroom accessories, and kitchen accessories, Popular Home Collections offers an abundance of home décor solutions to complement any style.

Beginning with the bathroom, Popular Home Collections offers a plethora of uniquely themed bathroom accessory sets.  Items are available as pre-packaged sets, or “Bath in a Bag” sets, full or partial ensembles, and individual pieces.  One of the more unique features that the site offers is the option of mixing & matching in order to create your very own bathroom accessory set.  From shower curtains to toilet seats, contour rugs, soap dishes, toothbrush holders & other bath accessories, Popular Home Collections carries the selection you need to make your bathroom a calming retreat.  With the Holiday season rapidly approaching, Popular Home Collections also boasts 4-piece holiday-themed bathroom accessory sets.  Print options consist of snowman, Santa, & paisley patterns, among several others.  Each bathroom accessory set includes a 70” x 72” polyester shower curtain, 12 shower curtain hooks in matching fabric design, a 21” wide x 34” long printed, acrylic rectangular bath rug, and a 20” x 20” acrylic contour rug. 

Moving on to the bedroom, Popular Home Collections offers quality bedroom accessories ranging from bedding to comforters, window treatments, and valances.  Bedroom décor accessories can be purchased as comforter sets or as individual pieces.  Additionally, the mix and match feature is also available for creating comforter sets particular to your vision as the bedroom should be a home’s sanctuary. Comforter sets are available in a variety of styles including country, striped, modern, floral, transitional & traditional bedding patterns.  Chocolates, teals, and turquoises are a color scheme that has remained popular for quite some time, and doesn’t seem to be losing any steam within the decorating world.  Jewel tones always help in creating a more inviting ambiance.

To complete the look of your home, Popular Home Collections boasts a variety of kitchen accessories.  From potholders to oven mitts, towels, place mats, chair pads, and accent rugs, the site also includes window treatment inventory.  Find tiers, valances, and swags to beautifully adorn your kitchen windows.  The Kitchen Textile Collections offer an assortment of country décor patterns & unique prints including Napa Valley, Christmas Paisley, French Garden, Pineapple, & Tropical themes among others.  Themed decor has become quite prevalent in many suburban homes.  A kitchen does not have to be a place many people simply associate with more chores.  Adding a new vibe to this environment can make the mundane acts of cooking & cleaning a bit more enjoyable.  Allow yourself to drift away to a far off place with the encouragement of unique decor.

It might sound cliché, but by adding more depth, color, and personality to the most highly trafficked rooms in your home, you’ll likely experience feelings of both solace & accomplishment. 

Popular Home Collections strives to provide a place for those with a passion for home decor and interior design to share & develop home decorating ideas.

Suz C

Cleaning Tips for teenage girls? **10 POINTS **?

Thursday, July 7th, 2011

usually every 2nd month i clean out my room to get rid of the clutter, what are some tips to get rid of clutter? im getting some cool pretty storage boxes tonight, and tomorrow i have 4 hours to clean up my room, and how do u get rid of bad odors? and smells ? naturally ? like my mum she smokes and she says its soo cold and then so she smokes in her room with her window open..

what are some good tips?
and a good step by step plan??

my room is small and has carpet…! thanks :) xx

wow,where do i start?
1) every curtain,bed linen,pillow case,comforter wash those( i use All detergent oxy clean).open your bedroom windows while you do this.
2) at least 15 minutes before you vacuum your carpet,sprinkle baking soda on there.
3) while your bed sheets are in the washing machine,febreeze mattress and pillows(only if you can’t put them in the wash,but if you can,add them to the wash as well).
4) if you have stuff animals…add them to the wash too.or if not sit them outside to "air" out.(plus febreeze)
5) and now for your clothes..i’d say,the night before,take your time and go through all the clothes you own and decide what to keep and throw away and send to the goodwill.this goes for shoes too.
6) if you have a waste basket in your room,line the bottom of it with baking soda(that keeps the smell down too plus the plastic grocery bags are great liners for those trash cans)
7) wipe all your hard surfaces in your room including the window sill.(use 2 tbls of bleach and 2 cups of water in a spray bottle for this)
9) if you have a steam iron,it does wonders on your mattress.
10) and last but not least,get some plug ins for your room and if that’s too much for your nose,dryer sheets works just as good.
daily maintence gets rid of clutter,as long as you stay on top of it you’re ok.keep your room door close when you’re not home and even if you’re not vacumming that day keep baking soda on the carpets.i forgot..steam cleam your carpets to keep the cigarette smell down.

What is Windows Service and Its Relation to Registry

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Before we understand the relationship between Windows service and a registry cleaner, let us understand what is Windows Service. Windows services are executable programs that run in the background to make the whole operating system stable and efficient. If the user were to click on ‘start’ and then click on ‘Run’ and type ‘msconfig’ into the dialogue box. The system would call up the registry window that would display various tabs one of these tab will be named ‘services’ click on this tab and you will see the number of services running in the back ground of your operating system. All these services that run in the background are stored in the registry. When any changes are made to these services or how they are implemented, these changes are recorded in the registry of the system. These changes have to be undone from time to time with a windows registry cleaner.

Need To Clean The Registry.

Sometimes the changes are made so often to windows services that the old entries to the related service are not deleted. So when the system calls up the service the entire services section of the registry has to be scanned to locate and configure the service being called up. The search will include past changes that were made as well. This process drastically slows down the system and makes it sluggish. A main symptom that will indicate the need for a power registry cleaner is that the system will take a very long time to boot up and shut down.

How the Registry Builds Up

When the system shuts down the changes that are made during the operating time of the PC will have to be recorded in the registry. The registry will have to search the registry sequentially until it comes to the spot that the entry has to be made in. This can take very long depending on the size of the registry. The same process is carried out when the system boots up. Good registry cleaner software can solve this problem by periodically cleaning the registry of redundant entries. You can download a free windows registry cleaner to assist you with the process.

When you download programs from the Internet they are recorded in the registry. You will delete the program or uninstall it after some time but he entries in the registry will stay. This will buildup and make the registry very large for the system to operate efficiently. The registry will need a thorough cleaning with a trusted windows registry cleaner.

A computer registry cleaner is not a complicated tool to use. It is a very handy tool that keeps your PC working efficiently day after day. Once you have downloaded the free registry repair cleaner it will install itself and offer you two options to clean your PC registry. One will be ‘Scan Registry’ and the other will be ‘Repair Registry’. This takes a few minutes and your PC will be running like new. So go and get yourself a free windows registry cleaner today.


Get the Most Out of Selling your Property!

Friday, July 1st, 2011

Using a home equity loan or line of credit to finance renovations and improvements on a property can be profitable and quite rewarding if done properly.

When you are planning to sell a property and you do not have funds on hand to improve, repair, renovate, or rehabilitate it, then a home equity loan or line of credit can get you over this hump.

If you are not planning to sell the property, and expect to live there for an extended period of time, then a refinance package with a mortgage lender for first or second mortgages, would likely be preferable.

Unless you are the recipient of large amounts of monthly cash inflow, I would advise that you do not contract for major improvements or purchases on a credit card if you are looking to sell the property. This tends to make spending more than you really should on things too easy, and the bills linger long after the property has been sold.

Using an equity loan or homeowner line of credit can be very helpful if you keep an eagle eye on the bottom line. Also, these types of loans are paid off at closing when you sell the property, leaving no residual bills and should be taken into account in price negotiations.

If you have been watching television and believing what they tell you regarding how to improve the resale value of your home, it is important to remember on TV the homeowners are receiving a great deal of labor, materials and design help that you will likely have to pay for. So, if you are only looking to sell your home, putting $10 in to get $10 out is futile. The real goal is to put $10 into your home and to receive $300 to $500 out at time of sale. If you are planning to stay in your home, then your decisions should not be based on dollar return, but only upon your personal likes and dislikes and comfort levels.

Before you start this project, it is imperative that you decide precisely what your goal is. Decisions you will be making may be quite different depending on what you’re planning to do. You may personally love long white shag carpet in your bedroom, however, very few buyers will share that with you. You may want to put shelves high in all the rooms with holes connecting a model train set throughout the house. Again, very few buyers are in the market for that.

If you are planning to stay in your home, then by all means redecorate for your pleasure and taste. If however, you sincerely wish to sell your home, and are looking for the most money out for the least in, then I have some words of wisdom for you.

1.0. Remember that no matter how beautiful the inside of the property is, if your prospective buyers do not get inside, because it has no curb appeal, you have no chance of making a sale. The first place to start in making your home attractive and sellable is with curb appeal. In the summer, the grass should be green (fertilize, water, weed n feed), neatly cut, edged, with no weeds or bare spots. Put down some sod if necessary. If you have concrete driveways, pressure clean them so they are bright and white. If you have asphalt driveways, seal them so that they are glossy and black and new and clean looking. Paint, at least the front and sides, of the house (all is better) with a bright, light, inviting color (eggshell, white, etc., it makes it look bigger and cleaner!). If the home is brick or siding of some sort, then pressure cleaning may well be appropriate for it also. Paint or refinish the front door. If the door is in bad shape, then replace it with something attractive. Clean all the windows so that they shine like Crystal from the outside (more on this later). Make absolutely sure that there is no trash, debris, or junk cars on the premises. There are a thousand little things that you can do to improve the curb appeal, but clean, neat, and neutral are the guidelines to work with.

1.1. No one wants to buy someone else’s fleas, pet smells, grease piles, or expensive/outrageous/ridiculous colors, treatments, or idiosyncrasies. Buyers, by and large, are looking for a neutral palette to place their own mark on. If the property has old and worn carpet or floors, then replace it with a neutral carpet or laminate (look for large remnants and leftover stock with carpet and flooring dealers for an overall installed discount price). Paint the inside of the property, again with a neutral white or eggshell color, to make it look bright, inviting, and neutral. If there are small nail holes, anchors, or damage to the interior walls, a little spackle and self-adhesive patching and joint tape will do wonders. Further, buy a thick, heavy, one coat covers all, texture paint for the interior. This will solve a multitude of minor problems without a lot of work or time. Clean the windows! Let me repeat that, clean the windows so that someone viewing the home from the inside will only see brilliant sunshine streaming through the windows into this nice, clean, new carpet and paint smelling environment. If it is not sunny out, the windows will allow as much light as possible and make the interior look larger. If the windows are dirty, and there are dead bugs and dirt in the globes of the ceiling fixtures, your prospective buyers will cringe. Even the very interested prospects will undoubtedly offer less money. Five dollars worth of cleaning supplies can bring you hundreds in return.

Make sure all the appliances are clean and in working order. If you need to replace anything, a good used appliance store is the ticket. When prospects open the door to the refrigerator, it should be clean inside and cold. When they open the door to the oven, it should be clean. The burner pans on the stove should always be replaced. Installing a used dishwasher can be problematical, however, if the property already has a dishwasher installed that does not work, it should be replaced. For this, the used appliance store is the place to go. To install a new dishwasher becomes expensive, particularly if the property does not already have a dishwasher. Sometimes plumbing and electrical may be required to do so. A pre-existing dishwasher, eliminates those problems. I personally, always try to install a garbage disposal in the kitchen. They are reasonably inexpensive, easy to install, and generally very well received by buyers. Because of the low price of disposals, this should only be a new item.

If it is summertime and very warm out, make sure the air-conditioning is working, and it is cool (72-74 degrees) when the prospects walk in the house. If it is winter, make sure the heat works and that it is warm (68-70 degrees) when they walk in. This gives the prospect the immediate feeling of comfort in the property. Subliminally, in the back of their mind, they have already begun to feel that the home is sheltering them from the elements. For you, the seller, this is a good thing.

Make sure that the kitchen and the bathrooms are clean and smell clean. Renovating these rooms can be very profitable, but, you need to do some of it yourself. Don’t panic! The skills involved are not that complicated, and the home-improvement giants such as Home Depot and Lowes will even teach you how. All faucets should work without leaks. Leaks can usually be fixed with just a few simple washers from a hardware store. The hot water faucet, should have hot water coming from it. The water in the toilets, and the tanks should be clean (put a bowl cleaner in the tank, it’s a good idea) and should flush easily. Do not place any toilet tissue in the bathrooms of a vacant property that you or anyone else is showing for sale. This discourages people out of your control from using the facilities and leaving a nasty mess for you to clean up. What is worse, if such a mess is left, imagine a buyer’s reaction to it when they may be viewing the property with a Realtor.

Always remember that out of a hundred prospective buyers, more want to buy a property that is clean and neat rather than dirty and smelly. More of those same buyers will buy a property with neutral colors and carpet, walls, accessories, etc. Very few prospects will be interested in purple walls or carpet. The same goes for other loud and outrageous features, be it colors, textures, or graphics. Gothic symbols on the walls or any socially offensive political or religious icons will only work adversely toward your goal of selling the property profitably and easily. Regardless of what you may personally believe or think, extremes will offend someone, somewhere, somehow. If you wish to make a political statement, go to a demonstration or vote. If you want to sell the property to the widest available market, neutral and milk toast should be your guidelines. That is not to say that you cannot add some nice touches such as tile in a bath or kitchen or porch, but looked toward earth tones and not dramatics or absolutes.

Lastly, if you are living in the home, while renovating and trying to sell, take half of the furniture out and put it in storage somewhere. This will go a long way toward reducing clutter and making the property feel much less small and congested. Buyers want to stroll through a prospective home, not a minefield or a maze.

I hope these tips will serve you well with your project.

Pl Ellis