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Floor Cleaning Tips

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

With the current slow housing market, it is now even more important to keep your house clean and tidy when trying to sell.

To give you a helping hand and perhaps some well needed motivation, here are some tips to keeping your house market-friendly:

- Wash windows inside and out, after all first impressions are important. A good tip is to dry the windows with crumpled newspaper and if you can, wash the windows on a cloudy rather than sunny day, because the sun can cause it to streak.

- Clean shower, sinks and bath tubs, to remove hard water spots and scum off showers use undiluted, heated white vinegar. Put in a spray bottle, spray on and leave to soak for 15 mins and then scrub.

- Clean all light fixtures and replace lightbulbs with a higher wattage, these little things are easy to forget, but can make all the difference.

- Put non-essential items in boxes to eliminate clutter, so that viewers can see the whole space, it will also make the rooms look bigger.

Here are some tips on how how to clean the most common of flooring:

- Ceramic tiling: Don’t use harsh abrasive cleaners that might scratch the tiles. Instead use a damp-mop on the ceramic tiles with an all-purpose cleaner. Then dry the floor with a soft cloth to avoid streaks.

- Vinyl floors: To wash this type of floor, use an all-purpose cleaning solution. Test any cleaner in a corner before using it on the entire floor.

- Wood floors: The most effective way of cleaning a wooden floor applying a liquid wood-floor cleaner with a dry wax applicator on a small area at a time. Let it soak for a few minutes, and wipe up the excess. When the floor is dry, buff with a floor polisher.

- Carpet Cleaning: The simplest way to keep your carpets clean is to vacuum regularly. But for an effective deep clean it is best to have your carpet steam cleaned.

A clean house will help viewers see themselves living there and will show that you take pride in maintaining the house.

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Keeping Your Home Sparkle Clean

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

An executive feels peaceful and relaxed when he/she enters home after 16hours of hectic work, if kept tidy, serene and airy with fragrance. The teenager gets the atmosphere to study and concentrate if his/her room is in order and well kept. The home maker will have a sigh of relief when she enters the clean, dry, odourless kitchen early in the morning.

All these positive vibrations at home are possible only when the entire house is kept spotlessly clean.. The prerequisites for maintaining the house well are optimum usage of moving space as well as an intelligent arrangement of utility articles. There has to be a system of piling up disposable articles like mineral water bottles, plastic bags, newspaper/magazines etc., Today’s modern flat living culture , garbage and kitchen waste are also to be tackled on a day to day basis.

Let us go segment by segment. If we take the Hall, that is, drawing room or living room, the floor to be broomed and mopped every day. Sofa sets, carpets, electronic items like TV, music system etc be vacuum cleaned once in a week. The upholstery and curtains are to be changed once a month, by having another set washed or dry cleaned ready. The ceiling fans, glass windows, mirrors, and glass doors are to be cleaned every week.

The furniture is to be cleaned with dry cloth or with solutions meant for cleaning wooden articles. There is an excellent view across the gardens to the rose parterre and down to the main lawn. The dinning room regularly used for dinner parties and receptions. This room is used for formal luncheons and dinners.

The Drawing Room is used for most official entertaining including important visitors, diplomatic callers and small receptions. The drawing room is one of the most used rooms in the house, hosting many receptions, pre-dinner drinks, and meetings. The Drawing Room is the venue for small receptions, presentations and investitures. It is the central stone hall of the original Residence and is the oldest known European structure in Darwin.

Due to paucity of space in flats, the study room and bedroom will be the same, or used with a two-in-one concept.. In such cases the study part should have more moving space with only furniture and book shelves. The bed covers and pillow covers are to be kept tidy for the sake of hygiene and good atmosphere. Just a wash through washing machine weekly is enough for this. But the entire room to be vacuum cleaned once a fortnight and dusted.

A typical study might contain a desk, chair, computer, and bookshelves. A spare bedroom is often utilized as a study, but many modern homes have a room specifically designated as a study. Such rooms are usually located in a convenient area on the main floor of the house and may be referred to as a den, home office, or library. A study is a room in a house which is used for paperwork, computer work, or reading. Historically, the study of a house was reserved for use as the private office and reading room of a family father as the formal head of a household, but today studies are generally either used to operate a home business or else open to the whole family.

We now move to the very sensitive area, the bathrooms. The toilet, floor and wash basins are to be cleaned on a daily basis. We get many brands of cleaning material and accessories to aid this. The sink and the toilet are to be kept infection free, hence quality disinfectants that do not harm the hands and feet are to be used at frequent intervals for a healthy living. The other general cleaning like dusting the ceiling, wiping the mirrors, window panels, the shoe racks etc are also to be done periodically. In the United States, “bathroom” commonly means “a room containing a toilet”. In other countries this is usually called the “toilet” or alternatively “water closet”

The kitchen, the homemaker’s place of dwelling for 60% of the day deserves special treatment as the healthy survival of the family depends on the quality food that is being prepared from here. The toughest task indeed is the closed cabinets, which will be the paradise for ants, cockroaches and lizards. Cleaning the cabinet with insecticides is a must to prevent them from entering. The cabinet with wooden doors to be cleaned with dry cloth or with solutions which give some additional glow. The counter top and floor to be degreased and wiped/moped every day. The stainless steel vessels and the sink to be washed everyday and wiped. The gas stove, mixie, wet grinder and micro oven to be serviced periodically. The glass doors and windows to be kept tidy by periodical dusting and wiping. The refrigerator/freezer to be cleaned/defrost periodically.

Ground floor flats or independent houses may have the fortune of having small garden/lawn. Upkeep of garden gives immense satisfaction to the owner/ dweller. Watering the plants on daily basis, removing the cobwebs , weeds etc gets one rich dividend.
Nowadays we get house cleaning materials of high quality in departmental stores and also through direct marketing people. There is a growing awareness among people to use these products and pay more attention on keeping the house sparklingly clean.
There are also professional home cleaning services available in the market. People who can afford can enter into a contract and utilize their services.

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Paul Winkler

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

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Paul Winkler
22 June 1939Hamburg, Germany
Film, Experimental Film, Avant-garde Film
Paul Winkler is an internationally renowned filmmaker who lives and works in Sydney, Australia. Together with Corinne and Arthur Cantrill, Albie Thoms and David Perry, Winkler for many years was among the nucleus of the once thriving Australian experimental filmmaker scene.
Born 22 June 1939 in Hamburg, Germany Winkler underwent a bricklaying apprenticeship before he relocated to Australia in 1959. His self education in film and film history began in 1962 when he also commenced filmmaking, initially working in 8mm on Bell & Howell and Canon cameras. In 1967 he switched to 16mm and a Bolex camera which he used ever since.
Winkler approach to filmmaking is primarily an organic one. His films are a synthesis of the intellect and emotion all filtered through the plastic material of film, balancing delicately between form and content. try to let imagines flow freely to the surface (Winkler).
These magines often depict iconic aspects of Australia like Bondi Beach, Ayers Rock/Uluru and the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Sometimes they take a look at her textures as in Bark/Rind, Green Canopy, and the Bush. As early as 1973 Winkler sided with the Aboriginal Land Right Claims in Dark, conceived at a time of particular spirituality in his work as in Chants and Red Church. Recently, he tends to deal more with modern Australian society like in Rotation, Time out for Sport and Long Shadows. There is even the odd reminiscence to his apprenticeship as in Brickwall, Backyard and Brick and Tile.
The images in his films are clearly marked by the use of devices to create them. Winkler may briefly show the unaltered image in the beginning of a film. But inevitably processing will occur, and Winkler “low-tech invention pushes the possibilities of comparatively simple mechanics and long-known camera devices to their outer limits and beyond”. Mostly, these are still and moving mattes and the optical printer but also some inventions of his own. They always result in refreshingly new images full of sensual impressions.
In 1995, the Museum of Contemporary Art and Sydney Intermedia Network honoured Winkler with a retrospective screening of a total of 30 of his films. The following year, Harvard Film Archive at the Carpenter Centre for the Visual Arts, Harvard University Cambridge, Boston USA screened 30 films in a three-day retrospective.
The Museum of Modern Art in New York holds 15 of his films in their collection. Prints are also available from Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre in Toronto , Canada, the New York Filmmakers Coop, Light Cone in Paris, Red Avocado Films in Germany, the National Film+Sound Archive in Canberra, Australia and other outlets the world over.
His first DVD entitled Australian Icons contains Ayers Rock, Bondi, Rotation, Sydney Harbour Bridge and Time out for Sport along with a portrait documentary entitled ? Paul Winkler.
Films in 16 mm
Many Buddhas (2008)
Popkitsch (2006)
Fischtank (20004)
Turmoil (2000)
Rotation (1998)
Capillary Action (1997)
Time out for Sport (1996)
Green Canopy (1994)
Elevated Shores (1993)
Long Shadows (1991)
Glitter (1990)
Faint Echos (1988)
Facades (1987)
Australian Bush (1986)
Incongruous (1984)
Brick and Tile (1983)
Traces (1982)
Ayers Rock (1981)
Urban Spaces (1980)
Sydney-Bush (1980)
Taylor Square (1980)
Cars (1979)
Bondi (1979)
Window (1978/79)
Sydney Harbour Bridge (1977)
Bark-Rind (1977)
Red Church (1976)
Backyard (1976)
Brickwall (1975)
Chants (1974/75)
Dark (1973/74)
Scars (1970/71)
Neurosis (1970)
Requiem No.1 (1969)
Red and Green (1968)
Isolated (1967)
Turmoil — Finalist – Dendy Awards, Sydney Film Festival 2000
Rotation — Directors Choice Award, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, USA 2000 & Best Experimental Film, Melbourne Film Festival 1999 & Finalist, Dendy Award, Sydney Film Festival 1998 & Honorable Mention, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1999
Capillary Action — Directors Choice Award, Black Maria Film & Video Festival, Jersey City, USA 2000 & Finalist – Dendy Award, Sydney Film Festival 1998
Time out for Sport — Best Editing, Ann Arbor Film Festival, USA 1996 & Finalist – Dendy Awards Sydney Film Festival 1996
Long Shadows — Erwin Rado Award, Best Australian Short Film, Melbourne Film Festival 1992
Brick & Tile — Best Experimental Film, Australian Film Institute Awards 1984
Traces — Silver Boomerang, Melbourne Film Festival 1983 & Honorable…(and so on) To get More information , you can visit some products about supply mosaic tile, anti slip tile, . The Degreaser Cleaner products should be show more here!


Stainless Steel Backsplash: Hot Design Ideas for Upscale Style

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

If you’re looking to make a bold, modern statement in your kitchen, look no further than installing a stainless steel backsplash! These pieces really brighten up your kitchen environment and give it a clean, sleek look. But it can be interesting and warm too so, don’t limit yourself… stainless steel can be incorporated into almost any design theme.

Backsplash Design

Used for decades in restaurants, stainless steel is undergoing a makeover as of late. You aren’t restricted to just smooth sheets anymore. Stainless steal backsplashes now come in a wide assortment of patterns and finishes and are an increasingly popular, stylish addition to today’s updated and upscale kitchens.

When considering a stainless steel backsplash, think about what kind of look or design theme you have in mind for your kitchen. Stainless steel is an extremely versatile material and no matter what you are looking to do, stainless steel offers some interesting possibilities.

If you enjoy using lots of different tools and gadgets in the kitchen, considering using stainless steel as the primary design material and going for a highly-polished, ultramodern look. For something cozier, try a matte finish. Or combine stainless steel tiles with other materials, such as glass or tumbled marble. You could even do just a portion of the backsplash with stainless… say around the cooktop.


A stainless steel backsplash can be rather spendy, but it will vary depending on size and complexity. Tiles, for instance, can run from 40 to 200 dollars per square foot. Yikes! That’s more than many stone and glass tiles or other backsplash materials.

Sheets are less expensive, but will require expert installation. Expect to pay at least 20 dollars per square foot to fabricate and install stainless steel sheets.

Backsplash Care and Cleaning

Caring for a stainless steel backsplash is a breeze! For day-to-day cleaning, warm water and soap on a soft cloth will take care of this highly hygienic surface; for a spotless finish, remember to wipe dry. Also, new sprays can keep fingerprints under control.

Do remember that the acids that come from tomato or citric acid can cause stains, as can bleaches and chlorides. Stains typically only occur in extreme cases when the substance has been left for days. Normal cleaning and a thorough rinse will take care of this. For further protection, consider applying a sealer.


The most common look for a stainless steel backsplash is a sheet of stainless steel that has been custom-fit to your kitchen. This is a fairly straightforward installation. When going with this look, all that needs to be done is to take measurements of area for a sheet of steel to be cut to size. After this sheet has been prepared, it is “glued” to the wall with silicone caulking or screwed in with stainless steel screws.

Tiles require less expertise, but are similarly installed to a backing attached to the wall.

Pros and Cons

While your stainless steel backsplash will be durable, heat resistant and easy to clean, do keep in mind that it will scratch and dent easier than a backsplash made out of ceramic, granite or marble. Patterned stainless steel backsplash tiles are excellent for hiding blemishes that occur through normal use. Happily, though, it does not require polishing, so unlike copper, zinc or brass, it will not discolor over time.

Design Alternatives

Other currently popular ideas you may consider for your design is the use of a copper or tin backsplash.

Do find out how they will perform in a kitchen environment, though, so you aren’t surprised if you copper discolors! For a truly unique look, why not consider mixing stainless steel tile with another metal?

Whether you’re looking to redo your kitchen or you’re designing your kitchen as part of your new home construction, consider installing a stainless steel backsplash for stylish durability!

Ryan Burden

Housekeeping – Toilet Acid cleaners and self cleaning solutions?

Tuesday, January 25th, 2011

Can anyone provide your advice on Acid cleaners in Chennai? My toilet is very stained, even after I had cleaned with scrub, detergents and acid the stain does not go off. Its really looking brown ring and horrible due to hardwater and also since we did not use it for quite a long time. I heard that there are specialized people to do this job and get the sink to a sparkling new.
Also is there a self cleaning solution which is trustable and can be used by our own that could get off the strains?
Please add to it your favorite or best voted room freshners that is available in India. Basically I want to get back to a schedule to keep my house clean, fresh, smelling good and all.

Your suggestions and comments welcome.

Use bleach – read instructions on the bottle. Or an equal mix of bleach and Bi Carbonate of Soda. Great cleaning products for this and many other uses. Bleach isn’t great for the environment but very good for cleaning toilets.

Good car cleaning solution?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

Does anyone have the "recipe" for a good car cleaning solution to wash the car at home? I’d rather not go buy a car soap and just put one together myself. Or would just dish soap, etc. work? Also, how can I get my windshields and windows really clean? Any other car cleaning tips are appreciated as my car is a mess! Thanks!

dish detergents are too harsh and will remove all the wax from the finish

you are better off buying even the cheapest product from walmart in the long run, it will clean and leave a little wax on the finish rather than take it all off

these products have features that you cannot duplicate at home

wash it once to loosen the grime, and use triple the amount of car wash and wax

then wash it a second time, changing the water and double the amount of car wash in the bucket

it will also work on your windows, then finish them off with newspaper and an ammonia based window spray

use a microfiber towel where ever you can

how to clean very very dirty self cleaning oven?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I have never cleaned it — it’s been two years. Can’t use chemicals on
the self cleaning oven because it has a special surface
that will get damaged.. Am afraid to turn on the self cleaning now because
it is so over the top dirty.

Fill a deep baking dish with water (about an inch from the top) then cut two lemon s into slices and throw them in too. Place it on the lowest oven rack, and bake at 300 for two hours (make sure it doesn’t bake dry) Clean the oven while it’s still warm, but not hot. the natural oils in the lemon will loosen the grime, and make it much easier to clean

Anyone use a housekeeping service. What does it cost you?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

I am thinking about having a cleaning service come out once a week since I have picked up classed for the summer in addition to my full time job. I am just curious, what would you pay a service to come out once a week for a couple of hours to clean your home. I have no idea what the going rate should be. Thanks.
We live in Northern Nevada. Just an FYI.

Depends on where you live. From my experience it could be anywhere from 12.50 per hour to 20.00 per hour per person. I’m on the west coast. Hope that helps.

cleaning ceramic tiles?

Friday, January 21st, 2011

i have an open coal fire with a ceramic tile surround….i have no problem cleaning the fire pit out but there a lot of burn marks on the tiles where coal or logs have fell and no matter how hard i scrub i cant seem to remove these marks…has anyone any tips for getting rid…???

You might try a mild abrasive automotive packaged product called " Rubbing Compound." You can find it at any automotive parts store.

What is best to use for cleaning windows; paper towel, cotton cloth, or newspaper??

Monday, January 17th, 2011

What will leave less streaking when cleaning windows?? Is there a certain direction you need to clean them -left to right or up and down or diagonal?? I need tips please?? I all ready have a great formula for the cleaner!

I use newspaper and ammonia to clean my windows