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im trying to keep busy in day time after my divorce. now whats good for daily cleaning?

Monday, November 29th, 2010

i love to clean !!!!!!
I turned into a cleaning freak !!!LOL
bleach smell is to strong for me,
ive been using a few drops of white vinegar with warm water to clean windows, counter tops, & everything,
any other tips? to clean? to to keep busy while recovering a bad marriage?
on tips on cleaning id love,
what do you use?
thanks all !!!

Hummmm, what is "cleaning" LOL

Actually, for most of the kitchen I use a was cloth dipped in soapy dish water. It’s fast and easy if I do it at the same time I’m going to do the dishes.

For windows I have to admit I use Windex, but it does have a strong smell. For the floors and bathroom I use something called "Simple Green". It’s biodegradable and cleans up even oil in the driveway! I use it to wash the truck with too, takes care of anything that got on the truck from work. I also use it when I was the floors in the kitchen and bathroom.

That’s what I use anyway.

How to use the self cleaning cycle on my Jenn Air oven??

Monday, November 29th, 2010

We moved into a new rental townhouse that has a Jenn Air oven with a self cleaning feature. Of course, the instruction manual is no where to be found! This is the first self cleaning oven I have had and am not sure how to use the feature. Any help would be truely appreciated.

Did you go to the Jenn Air website and see if the instructions for self-cleaning are there?

I have trouble staying on task, and need your cleaning tips!?

Monday, November 29th, 2010

Wonderful people of Y!A,
I am one of those bright youngsters with Attention Deficit Disorder you’re always reading about in Newsweek – except that God knows Newsweek editors would never allow a photograph of me to be printed between their covers. :D Rather predictably, I’m a horrid housekeeper. My mother, with whom I still live at the overripe age of 20, was just gone for a month, and I tried to keep the place decent-looking – but failed. Now, I have the day to make the place look tidy.


What tips do you have for cleaning quickly and well, and staying on task? This is more to the effect of mess removal than careful polishing and deep-cleaning, though I will probably find some awful stain to remove somewhere along the way. :-/ Forgive me, Gods Of Housekeeping, for I have sinned! :D

Your tips?
You guys are all so supportive! Thank you. :) I really want to make a positive impression on my mum, as cleanliness is a major source of relational stress between us. I’ll update you with any further help I need.

Put on some music you like and get too it. Keep the television off or your sure to be distracted.

Target in on small areas/tasks instead of looking at the entire job at once.

For example — maybe go through the house with a trash bag and collect all the garbage, then go through and carry all the dishes to the kitchen. Then you can focus on one room at a time — vacuuming, sweeping, organizing, dishes, etc.

If you have a dishwasher you might want to make loading and starting the dishwasher one of your first tasks, so that once everything else is finished you can put all the dishes away.

Cleaning grout?

Monday, November 29th, 2010

The grout in my kitchen and bathroom floor has gotten really dingy and I’m looking for a good way to clean it. I don’t mind getting on my hands and knees and scrubbing as long as it works. Any good suggestions?

there is a product you can buy at home depot that is made by TILE LAB its called GROUT AND TILE CLEANER, they also sell a cleaner and resealer and a sealer i use this on my ceramic tile all the time it works great the cleaner comes in a yellow spray bottle, the cleaner resealer is in a grey spray bottle and the sealer is in a green spray bottle

How to clean ceramic tile in the bathroom?

Monday, November 29th, 2010

I wouldn’t put oven cleaner or bleach on ceramic tiles. Just take a wet plastic scrubbing pad, add a few drops of Dawn concentrated dish soap and start scrubbing. Rinse well and your tiles will shine. I use this method for cleaning my tub and tiles and both are sparkling when I’m finished! No harsh chemicals and no fumes!

Good luck:)

Fix Windows Registry Errors

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

The most important reason your should fix Windows Registry errors as they occur is that this the one single preventative measure can greatly increase the life-expectancy of your Windows system by stabilizing the growth of its Registry.

Prevention is Key!

It is a fact of Windows that trying to fix Registry problems after they occur is much more difficult than preventing their occurrence in the first place. So when it comes to the Windows Registry, the motto should always be “prevention is key!”  This is because it is often the most common and abundant types of errors that wind up killing Registries, especially those caused by a system’s registered applications, users, and even Windows itself. As new applications are installed and old applications are removed, and as registered applications continue accessing and changing Registry data, they often leave small bits of themselves behind as orphaned registry entries.

By themselves, these errors will probably not reveal themselves in any degradation of speed or normal Windows functions, especially if your system is new. But if these errors are allowed to accumulate for a very long time, they can greatly increase a Registry’s size and wreak havoc on the overall structure and stability of its database. And for a fast-growing Registry, even small error accumulations can quickly send your Registry’s database structure out of control. If you don’t fix these Windows Registry errors often, your system can very easily fall victim to sudden crashes, system stalls, or a severe decrease in operating speed. It is particularly at risk if you frequently install or uninstall applications and hardware, since these actions increase the Registry’s rate of growth further by adding more registered components, orphaned Registry entries, and undeleted drivers to your system.

Registry Repair Utilities
Once you have made the decision to fix Windows Registry errors on your system, you will need to know something about how to go about it.  Although some versions of Windows provide built-in background system utilities designed to maintain Registry structure and stability, these utilities only address the most basic Registry problems in the most primitive ways, making them insufficient when a Registry becomes very large and complicated. However, there are many third-party Windows Registry repair utilities available on the Internet that are inexpensive and easy to use. For general maintenance and prevention purposes, Combination Repair/Cleaning utilities are perfect. They are effective in finding and removing errors caused by invalid references, viruses, and spyware/tracking programs, and usually have other features, like Registry defragmenting and backup/restore utilities and scanning schedules, that make it very easy to maintain your computer’s health and optimize its performance.

We have reviewed the best registry cleaner programs that are available online. To read the reviews and to learn how to speed up your computer with a registry cleaning, visit this website now:

Alex Caan

Start Developing Simple Housecleaning Habits

Saturday, November 27th, 2010

As you start developing simple housecleaning habits, you’ll notice that your work will get easier and easier. This set of tips will give you some great ideas of good habits to start.


Housework can be a huge job. Learn to delegate. Make chore charts for everyone in your house. Even small children can help pick up toys and other things. As you learn that you don’t have to do it all, housework will become much easier.

Fill the Sink

A good habit to start is filling your sink with hot soapy water every time you start to cook. This way you can clean as you go. As you get done with each pot or dish, wash it quickly. This makes clean-up a snap.

Spray the Oven

Time for take-out? If there’s a day when you’re not using your oven, give it a quick spray of oven cleaner and forget about it. The next day, before you turn on your oven, give it a quick wipe down. You’ll find that the baked on stuff comes off much easier.

Have a Charity Box

It’s a good idea to keep a box or bag in your front closet that you put things you don’t need anymore. This really helps get rid of clutter in your home. When the box is full, simply drop it off at your local good will store.

Rinse Your Plate

This may be a small tip, but it can help in big ways. If you simply make it a habit to rinse your plate after dinner (and have all family members do the same), it will make washing them a lot easier. No one likes trying to wash dried food off of dishes.

Tackle the Small Jobs

Housework can be overwhelming. Learn to break it down and tackle the smaller jobs first. As you do, each job will become easier. Also, if you clean the small messes before they get big, it’ll be a lot easier to clean up.

Keep Cleaner in the Shower

A great shortcut for cleaning your tub and shower is to keep a bottle of shower cleaner handy. After you take a bath or shower, spray it down. You can take it a step further and keep a squeegee in it as well.

Fast Pick Up Before Bed

If you make it a habit to do a quick pick up before going to bed, it’ll really help. You’ll find that it’s easier to wake up and feel good about the day if even one room is clean.

Line Your Fridge

If you make it a habit to line your fridge shelves with paper towels, it’ll make it a lot easier to clean. This will work especially well in the crispers, as the paper towels will soak up any extra wetness.

Take a Trash Bag With You

As you leave the house, make it a habit to take the trash out. This is a simple tip, but why make extra trips if you don’t need to? This is also a great job to delegate to a teenager. They’re always coming and going anyway.

Allan Wilson

what is the best water fed reach system for cleaning windows for privet and comercial jobs?

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

im looking to start up a window cleaning Business but don’t know what machine to buy or Equipment to get, can any one give me any good tips please
im looking to start up my own window cleaning buisness

wrong section

Any tricks for cleaning a glass top oven please?

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

I need to know what products to use or what method you suggest! It’s crusted rings around burners built up that is not coming off with scrubbing AND oven cleaner

Use ..WEIMAN Glass Cook Top cleaner. Walmart has it.

What is considered poor housekeeping?

Tuesday, November 23rd, 2010

My house I try to keep clean,but no matter what I do they onsider it poor housekeeping, and a health hazard. I have a disablity.

Poor housekeeping is not doing your dishes or not thoroughly washing out your kitchen sinks, not wiping out your bathroom sinks of toothpaste or anything else that is visible, having fuzz or noticable dirt on your carpet and floors (vacuum and sweep at least twice a week), not scrubbing your toilet at least once per week, having trash that smells, having dust so thick you can leave fingerprints, etc.

An easy method to keep your home clean is get some Clorox wipes or bathroom sanitizing wipes. Wipe out your sinks daily with these as well as the toilet seat to keep your bathroom sanitary…just keep the wipes on the counter. I do this in my kitchen also. Dust, sweep, check for cobwebs, take out the trash, and vacuum as neccessary.