How do you take these windows down?

February 5th, 2013

I’m in New England and have Anderson windows from about ‘78. They’re single pane windows that need cleaning and maintenance (recaulking) on the outside but in the back of the house, some are three-stories high! I want to take them in from the inside but can’t seem to figure out if I can -

The only part of the window that I think might have something to do with it are these things on the bottom of the window itself. It looks like a thimble (like a little plastic cup upside down) pushed into the frame of the panes, flush with the wood, on both sides of the bottom. HELP!!

i’ll assume that you mean that the glass needs to be re puttied to the sash. because that is the only reason that you’d need to take them out of their frames. in order to take a sash out of the frame on older windows you will need to remove the window stops on either side. it will look like small floor or window trim and hold the sash against the parting bead. the stops will either be nailed or screwed to the sides of the frame. if you do not see any screws holding the stops to the frame, you will need a small stiff putty knife or small flat pry bar. you can get either at your local hardware store, so do not use a large pry bar. if your window trim is stained, you will see where to insert the pry bar next to the window trim. if your window trim is painted, you may have to cut the paint between the trim and the stops. once you have removed the side stops, you will be able to lift the sash and bring one side of the window in and remove the sash cord. slowly let the cord up so that it doesn’t snap back into the balance or jamb the weight in the sash pocket. next, remove the cord from the other side after you pull the sash away from the frame. to remove the upper sash from the frame, you will need to remove one of the parting beads from the side of the frame. a word of caution, they may be held in place by some very small nails and or paint. first, lower the upper sash all the way down to the sill. next take a pair of pliers and grip the parting bead up near the top, and rock it gently back and forth as you try to tip it in away from the frame. move down to the middle and grip and wiggle it here,too. go back up to the top and work it completely free from the frame, then get the middle free, too. once the top and middle are free, you should be able to move the bead all the way across the window opening and remove it. you only have to do one side. raise the upper sash, then twist it in and remove the sash cord as before, the remove the other side, too. installation is the oposite of the removal. as far as cleaning the windows goes, there is a pattern to do it without removing the sashes, do the top 1/2 of the outside of each sash with the sashes lowered, then the bottom 1/2 with the sashes raised. to see all of this a little more clearly, you may want to check your local library for a book on home repair. if you want a book that is the best there is on windows you may want to get;Working Windows, by Terence Meany. the publisher was The Lyons Press, and the ISBN# 1-55821-707-X published in 1998, for $14.95. this book will cover any and all that you will need to fix any window. good luck, hope this helps.

The concentration of sodium hydroxide in oven cleaner?

February 5th, 2013

Hi, does anyone know the concentration of sodium hydroxide in oven cleaner? Would you say it is more or less than 4%? I couldn’t find this information anywhere so I’m just wondering if anyone just knows.

its more than 4%! The caustic soda needs to be effective and fairly quick.

housekeeping terms clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition?

February 5th, 2013

housekeeping terms "clean and orderly and in a sanitary condition" as stated in the osha standard for floors and aisles is difficult to define. what resources and methods could a safety and health manager use to help determine if a condition exists that might result in an osha citation

Well ray jay if it aint STERILE it aint good enough that is how high it goes 1 sterile 2 sanitary 3 clean 4 icky 5 well lets just not go there you do know sterile means pure free from everything zero evidence of anything sorta how i keep my kitchen counters then end up going mad try to keep the floors equally sterile.

How to clean Tile floor?

February 5th, 2013

I would like to know how to keep the tile and grout clean without using harmful chemical since I have pet inside live with me. How often should I clean them? and how to do it?

I block my dog off from that particular room that I have tiles in and open up all the windows. Then I bleach everything then rinse it out big time.

How can I drill a hole in a ceramic tile?

February 5th, 2013

I need to cut a circular hole in a ceramic tile big enough for a 15mm pipe. The tile is currently ‘not’ on the wall as I am chasing the plaster and brick to lay the pipes ready for the shower unit. Any ideas out there?


Hey,If you are drilling into softer tile, a regular carbide bit works fine. Do not use a hammer drill as the rapid vibrations can crack the tile. The trick is to use a slow drilling speed and carefully grind through the surface of the thin glaze. Once the bit gets into the softer core, the drill will rapidly cut through the softer fired clay.

Do not apply too much pressure when you first drill as the drill and bit can slip away from the marked point and scratch the tile. The worst mistakes you can make are cracking or scratching a tile. If that happens, it will be a considerable amount of work to replace the damaged tile(s). Be careful and proceed slowly as you drill.
Installing a towel bar or toilet-paper holder often requires drilling through glazed ceramic tile, which is no easy task. Use a carbide-tipped masonry bit; regular twist-drill bits can’t cut through the fire-hardened glaze. You’ll also need to keep the bit from slipping off the glossy surface.

The secret: Put two strips of masking tape onto the tile in an X pattern as shown above. Then drill through the tape — you’ll feel the bit grind as it goes through the glazing. Drill through the tile and into the drywall or backer board. Just be sure to lighten pressure at the end to ensure a clean hole at the rear of the drywall or backer board to accommodate a hollow-wall fastener.
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What type of tools and tips can you offer when detailing a car?

February 2nd, 2013

I am just getting into detailing, I’m curious what some of the tools of the trade are and if anyone can give me some tips? Maybe perfered products or appilcations?

Also what is the best to use on windows? I keep getting streaks! Microfiber clothes seemt o leave a small amount behind, do I use that when cleaning windows?

use wurth window cleaner , yu can buy it online , use some of them brown paper towels that are in those hand drying things like in walmarts or any restaurant also white will work good too they come in rolls , yu can buy them at an janitorial supply company a case like 40 bucks , , they work wonders cleaning windows ,sometimes you haft to clean them windows twice ,the buffing part takes trial and error to learn , 409 works good to get dirt off inside of car , forget about armour all , hope this helps ,

I sprayed oven cleaner on the door of my oven. I forgot to clean it off and backed a cake. Is is safe to eat?

February 2nd, 2013

My husband sprayed oven cleaner on the door of the oven. He did not tell me and did not wash it off. I baked a cake. Is it safe to eat the cake?

no. toxic fumes would have contaminated the cake.

What are the worst housekeeping, cleaning-wise, offenses? When you go to someone’s house and go OMG?

February 2nd, 2013

I have about half an hour to clean before company will be here. It needs a good general cleaning – It’s not bad but since I can’t get everything perfect in a half-hour, what would you focus on if you were me? I guess load the dishwasher and then do the bathroom……

What are the things that most gross you out?

I always notice smell first thing…so get rid of anything that could smell bad and maybe light a candle or open a window if its not too cold where you are.

Anything that is dirty in a manner congruent with unsanitary should be cleaned: ie dirty dishes, stained toilet bowl, toothpasty bathroom sink or overflowing trash cans.

Then focus on whatever room you will be doing the brunt of your entertaining in, by removing all clutter, possible allergens (cat hair on upholstery) or anything that would make your guests feel claustrophobic in that room. For instance, you probably dont need your treadmill in front of the couch or your bike leaning on your dining room table kind of stuff.

As long as it smells good and doesnt remind me of a frat house….I can forgive most other things though. :)

What type of flooring should I install in my kitchen & bath?

February 2nd, 2013

I live in a small home (buillt mid -1950’s) in the midwest. I want to replace the ceramic tile currently in kitchen/bath with something that is easier to maintain but that will still look nice. (I don’t like the ceramic because its a) white, b) any thing made of glass that falls on the floor is guaranteed to break, and c) I absolutely cannot keep the grout clean, no matter what I do!) I would like the flooring I select to go well with the original hardwoods that are found throughout the rest of the home. I also want to select something that will appeal to buyers in a few years when we sell. The homes in our area sell for around $145K so I want to select flooring that is appropriate for this price range. Any ideas? Thanks!

See if you can get a small (1 inch) sample of your current wood trim. Take it to a flooring retailer and they can match it up to a SOLID flloring that you can have installed. I recommend SOLID rather than laminate because you are worried about dropping things. Objects dropped on laminate flooring can go thru the laminate and then you have to replace an entire section. With a SOLID floor, dings and scrapes will not show.

Who do i call to check out water leakage from my kitchen ceramic tile floors?

February 2nd, 2013

I just noticed that on the floor near our sink/dishwater, water is coming up from the ceramic tile floor. when i wipe it and clean it up, water comes up. Who do i call to fix it? a plumber for the leak, but who do i call for the floors to make sure there is no mold.

The plummer would be a good place to start, go from there and see what kind of damage has been done.