Cleaning Wood Finished And Unfinished

Maintaining a clean household is quite a task. Besides keeping things tidy there is a lot of scrubbing to do to keep everything looking its best. Some surfaces are easily cleaned such as ceramic, plastic and countertop materials. Other materials are more difficult. Cleaning wood is one of those things many people arenít quite sure about.

Pretty much every household has some wood items in them. It may just be a chest of drawers or there may be wood floors, tables and chairs, cabinets and other items. Because wood is a porous material, it can be difficult to know the best way to clean it without damaging the shape or appearance of it.

For polished wood surfaces such as wood floors and items of furniture there are good wood cleaners that are specially formulated to clean wood without being too harsh. These should not damage wood when used according to directions given. You can find dusting solutions that help to clean and shine your finished wood furniture right down to a concentrated floor cleaner that you add to water for mopping wooden floors

One of the main concerns with cleaning wood is the chance that you may cause discoloration to the wood. This might happen on a section of the wood, leaving it looking different than the rest of the item. It can also warp the wood. For cleaning wood the special cleaners are designed to be gentle on it.

The biggest trick is how to clean unfinished wood. This is especially scary because you do not want to get the wood too wet and you know that cleaners can change the color very easily. There are good ways of cleaning unfinished wood, though that will not cause such damage.

A good way to get the wood clean is to make your own cleaning solutions from things you might have at home. With warm water mix some cleaning detergent, baking soda, vinegar and olive oil. Blend it all together and then wipe on the surface to be washed. You can use a sponge with an abrasive side and scrub some. Just be sure not to push too hard or work too long on any particular spot to keep from scratching the wood.

After you have cleaned the surface, wipe it well to remove all the dirt that has come loose. Then condition the wood. You want your wood to be natural, but conditioning it by rubbing it with water and a very little bit of olive oil (a few drops to a bowl of water) with bring out its natural color and prepare it for use.

Remember that the wood items in your home get just as dirty as the rest of it, even if you canít see it because of the wood color. Keeping the wood clean, whether it is polished or natural shouldnít be too difficult and will leave it looking great and lasting long.



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